Karin Lövgren

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Research marathon, Umeå, 6-7 December 2014. ”Dress is more important when you are old then when you are young”. From this quote from Alice, 94 years old, who has been interviewed on her wardrobe collection, Karin Lövgren presented her research on older women’s view on ageing and everyday life. She starts from their thoughts on dressing your age and to show acceptance of age, and on style as a cultural resource for older women.

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Contributed to the exhibition: A cry of silence – on age, women and history, at the Museum of women’s history, Umeå.

In the radio. Karlavagnen on ageing. Is 60 really the new 40? 14 November 2014

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Seminar at Linnaeus University 13 November 2014. Women and ageing, using wardrobe interviews as point of departure.

An evening on little old ladies: En kväll i tantens tecken. Växjö. 12 November 2014

In the wardrobe; ageing, women and dress. Research seminar, Nisal, University of Linköping,  6 November 2014.

Participating in panel discussion on culture and health in old age, Swedage, Umeå 1 October

Participating in lectures on the girl and the little old lady, Umeå 1 March, 2014. A little old lady to use when thinking on contemporary matters.

Karin Lövgren has worked as an ethnologist since the mid-80s.

She is a researcher on age and ageing, especially interested in ageing and gender. She has a focus on how ageing is given meaning in everyday life and on how ageing is represented in popular media.


Karin is interested in communicating research to a broader public. She works with research, writing, teaching and lecturing. She has appeared in the media on age, ageing and generational constructs.


She received her PhD at an interdisciplinary institution at Linköpings university. Her thesis: Look as young as you feel (2009) is on magazines targeting middle-aged and older women with age as point of interest. 


She has co-edited an anthology on women and ageing: Tanten, vem är hon? (Who is the little old lady?), published in 2012.

She is currently working on a research project on women and ageing: In the wardrobe, women, ageing and dress, using wardrobe interviews as method. Several articles on this study are forthcoming.

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